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Part No: 95542102015EPS
Price: $399.00

Permanently repair your drive shaft with the only end-all solution to the failure-prone drive shaft bearing center support. 

Unfortunately, replacing the bearing support with another similar rubber mount will only bear the same results experienced with the factory rubber mount. This patented device, developed by the E.P.S. technician team, is the only true permanent fix to premature drive shaft center support failures. This is the only drive shaft center support solution that does not require you to remove your drive shaft, saving you hundreds in labor & downtime. 

Why is the EPS Driveshaft Clamping Center Support the clear choice?

Backed by a full 2-year warranty, the E.P.S. drive shaft clamping center support takes a completely different approach to solving this all too common problem. Getting away from the proven failure-prone solid rubber vibration dampener, E.P.S. instead uses multiple hollow silicone pods. This design is much better equipped to withstand the constant compressing and stretching forces generated while in use. The silicone material also does a much better job of handling the heat and atmospheric conditions. 

The EPS upgraded drive shaft clamping center support mount is a simple choice. Order yours today! 

Click to View the Driveshaft Clamping Center Support Mount Installation Instructions

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Benefits of the Upgraded Drive Shaft Clamping Center Support Mount

  • permanently repairs the notorious bearing support 
  • DIY installation - typically in under one hour using household tools 
  • no need to remove or disassemble your current drive shaft 
  • no need to re-balance your drive shaft 
  • no need to send in your faulty drive shaft 
  • no core charges 
  • 2 year unlimited mile warranty
  • lightweight - Spend less on shipping 
  • will pay for itself in labor & shipping costs
  • save money & downtime
  • patented system - U.S. Patent 8439150

Replaces Part #'s: 

  • 955 421 020 14
  • 955 421 020 15 
  • 955 421 020 25


Only at EPS will you find your replacement Cayenne Drive Shaft Clamping Center Support Mount at the great price of just $399. All of our Porsche Center Supports come with a 24 month, unlimited mile warranty. You won't find an amazing deal like this anywhere else.




I’ve had this mount in my Cayenne S 06 for 4 years now. I have towed many items and put this unit under medium to heavy stress many times. This is a fantastic part upgrade and very simple to install.
— Retlef001
Just installed it on my 2006 Cayenne S. The product works great. As a matter of fact, the whole driveline feels very smooth. Having looked at the broken OEM part, I have no doubt installing this product is the right way to go. If you take your car to the dealer, they will charge you 3 times the cost to replace the entire drive shaft, and it will break again. The installation video is great; you do exactly what they tell you. Installation is not difficult, but it does call for some DIY aptitude.
— EPS Customer
Fantastic product. They promised a complete install in a short time. I didn’t believe it. But then watched the video, started to believe. Started at 10 am, finished by 11:30 am, including a stop for a cup of fresh brew (coffee). Everything was just as advertised.
— Auburn