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EPS is now being distributed by Autohaus Hamilton in Australia. You can check them out at:

Autohaus Hamilton
4/358 Eastern Valley Way
Chatswood, NSW, 2067



Winner of the WVU Research Office Technical Assistance Award

European Parts Solution a small research and development company that manufactures automotive parts designed to solve the problem of carbon buildup on GDI (gas direct injection) engines. This problem causes an obstruction of airway passage in GDI engines, resulting in reduced engine efficiency and power along with increased emissions over time, subsequently costing automotive consumers worldwide an estimated $1 trillion.

Addressing the need for a clean running GDI (Gas Direst Injection, Diesel Direct Injection) is EPS’s primary goal. Its innovative goal is to deplete PCV gases’ oil contaminants from the engine intake air, using the PCV (pressurized crank ventilation) contamination reclamation method, i.e. reclaiming contaminants that cause this problem. The concept of depleting the intake air of oil contaminants will
improve engine performance and improve emissions over its useful life.

It will:
• reduce output emissions like CO2, NO2 and HC from LSPI/pre-detonation;
• significantly reduce owner operational cost ($500-$1500 per 75,000 miles driven per vehicle);
• reduce intake cleanup environmental pollution (benzene, tetrachloride and other cancer causing agents);
• eliminate human contact with cancer causing agents present during intake carbon deposit cleanup;
• eliminate the need for manufacturing of intake cleaning agents that are harmful to the environment;
• prevent the degradation of the intended fuel efficiency (MPG); and
• possibly open a path to further improve the GDI engine’s efficiency (LSIP/pre detonation).

This is a concept that will appeal to companies that are looking to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and reduce environmental pollution. EPS is working to educate and expose the existing problems with GDI Technology and this new concept to the industry, and to partner with other companies interested in either improving GDI technology or licensing the corrective technology.


Porsche Rear Main Bearing Seal and Housing

EPS has crafted a Rear Main Bearing and Seal Housing that corrects the notorious main oil leaks on the m96 and m97 engines, reducing engine vibration and extending engine life


Porsche IMS Intermediate Shaft Bearing Upgrade – Eternal Fix

The Patent Pending IMS Eternal Fix™ Retro Fit installs in-car without removal or disassembly of the engine required. We will also be offering a fully Rebuilt Intermediate Shafts Upgraded with the Eternal Fix™ for those performing an engine rebuild. The Cylindrical Bearing with Thrust Control design has a load capacity 5 times greater than the inferior, failure prone, Ball Bearing solutions on the market!

For installation instructions, Click Here.